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Nowadays, sustainable packaging is a duty, not an option.

Sustainable packaging is not only becoming more popular, but is also indispensable if we don't want to get lost in waste. Interestingly, the waste management industry reports an increase in plastic packaging waste during the Corona crisis (Source: sz.de).

In consumer surveys, we find that there is a trend to switch suppliers of comparable products in favor of the one that uses environmentally friendly packaging for their products.

More than enough sustainable packaging options exist for all types of products. Secure the trust of your consumers now and in the future by relying on environmentally friendly packaging. This secures your turnover in the long term and can even lead to an increase in sales without further investment in advertising.

Let our experts advise you and rely on sustainable packaging from DE-PACK.

Umweltfreundliche Verpackungen
Sustainable Packaging by DE-PACK

Environmental compatibility (also known as ecological compatibility) is a measure of the direct and indirect effects of a man-made change of environmental conditions on soils, water, air, climate, people, animals, and plants.   
-- https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Umweltvertr%C3%A4glichkeit

How to implement environmental friendliness?

In general, environmental friendliness is achieved by minimizing harmful effects on the environment during production, trade and consumption. Environmental compatibility corresponds to social compatibility. A high level of environmental friendliness is seen as a goal to be achieved by the majority of people, whereas environmentally harmful actions are rejected by society.

Environmentally friendly management includes:

  • sparing use of raw materials
  • sparing use of energy
  • reduction of contaminated sites
  • compensation of natural pollution
  • avoidance / reduction of sound and radiation
  • avoiding the pollution of water, soil and air
  • risk limitation through unpredictable technologies

Economic benefits for environmentally friendly companies

Legislation provides general rules for the actions of companies through environmental law. An additional, voluntary contribution to environmental friendliness provides companies with an improved image, better sales opportunities, staff motivation, cost reduction and therefore a better credit rating as well as risk reduction.

Environmentally friendly measures by companies can be promoted by various means, e.g. subsidy or reduction of environmental tax.

Responsible use of resources

One fundamental component of our corporate philosophy is the conservation of valuable resources in the daily use of packaging. The responsible use of resources leads to the preservation of our environment, which is of great concern both to us and to many of our customers. Natural and 100% biodegradable materials, paper for example, are the basis of our work in many areas of application. We also pay attention to intelligent packaging designs with minimal use of materials and guaranteed protection of the product.

Not only the choice of materials, but also the use of our packaging in reusable processes protect our environment, reduce the carbon footprint and are part of a responsible ecological approach to valuable production resources.

Recycling process

Recycling means to return used raw materials to the economic cycle in order to create new high quality products. This process is particularly suitable for materials such as paper, cardboard or plastic. A sorted and unmixed collection of recyclable materials from waste is indispensable for further processing. The 100% recyclable paper injection molded packaging from our product portfolio is well suited for the operations described above, as one of the essential components of this biological packaging is paper fiber.

Recycling at DE-PACK

We are committed to finding ways to take back packaging materials in order to reintegrate the valuable raw materials into industrial production processes. Product engineering and design play a crucial role in the development process. This provides us with the technical basis for determining whether a product can be recycled or reprocessed.

By using recyclable material, we at DE-Pack make a significant contribution to our environment. Many raw materials that we use, paper for example, can be recycled without negatively affecting the quality and protection of the packaging. The economic and sustainable approach to our environment also involves a great responsibility in our actions. We at DE-PACK take on this responsibility with full conviction.

We are constantly improving and expanding our product range in the field of environmentally friendly packaging through new developments, optimizations and meaningful additions.

Sustainable and economically profitable - packaging by DE-PACK
Umwelfreundliche Verpackungen

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