DE-PACK designs EPS / EPP Granulated Foam Plastic Packaging, tailored to your packaging requirements.

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Lightweight Transport and Reusable Solutions

The granulated foam plastics are suitable for transport packaging and protect sensitive products in disposable or reusable packaging solutions from impacts. For reusable packaging and transport containers, the closed-cell foams such as expanded polystyrene (EPS) and expanded polypropylene (EPP) are ideal.

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These packaging solutions is durable and protects sensitive surfaces from scratches and other damage. In addition, granulated foam packaging can be precisely tailored to the shape of the products to be protected.

Field of Application

Packaging for the transport of many products in the automotive industry must be excellent shock absorbers. If, for example, automotive components and automotive assemblies have to be transported, our granulated foam packaging is used. Technical parts in the automotive industry require comprehensive packaging protection during transport. With our packaging made of granulated foam, the arrival of the undamaged components at the place of use is guaranteed.

The mechanical engineering industry uses granulated foam packaging solutions as a workpiece carrier, among other things. These allow rapid access to components such as precision parts and turned parts during assembly.

If the control technology industry wants to ship switches and buttons, for example, it relies on our EPP or EPS transport packaging with comprehensive product protection.

Our expanded polypropylene solutions are ideal for sensitive products such as meters and sensors used in measurement technology.

For shipping, the electronic industry mostly uses our disposable packaging made of granulated foam. Therefore, safe shipping of fans and ventilators is guranteed.

EPS side cushions by DE-PACK effectively protect speakers and subwoofers from shocks during transport for the consumer electronics industry.

Our reusable polystyrene foam packaging offers long-term benefits to companies in the sanitary industry.. The shock-absorbing boxes are ideal for storing heat exchangers and power boxes, for example.

To allow the products to be stacked in multiple layers inside transport containers, the drive technology industry relies on inlays for cases and containers. We offer EPP layers, which save packaging costs and provide soft cushioning for all kinds of products.

The furniture industry cannot afford to do without EPS packaging. For mirrors and doors, DE-PACK's foam solutions provide shatterproof packaging.

We frequently recommend customized solutions made of expandable foam to the engine technology industry. Generators and gearboxes, for example, are transported safely in these special packaging solutions.

DE-PACK receives inquiries from various industries for sheets and layer pads made of granulated foam plastics. These can be used to package all kinds of products very securely and economically.

Granulated Foam Materials

Individual Product Types from Granulated Foam

  • Load Carrier
  • Workpiece Carrier
  • Trays
  • Transport Packaging
  • Device Packaging
  • Side Cushions
  • Inlays for Cases and Containers
  • Sheets or Intermediate Layers
  • Customized Solutions
  • Moulded parts
  • Profiles
  • Disposable Packaging
  • Reusable Packaging
  • Technical Parts

Production Processes

  • Expansion
  • Milling
  • Wire Cutting
  • Assembly

Special Granulated Foam Packaging Properties

  • Antistatic Protection
  • ESD Protection

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