DE-PACK designs Foam Packaging, tailored to your packaging requirements.

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Durable foam packaging made from recycled or particularly robust materials that can be used repeatedly over a long period of time helping to maintain a low environmental footprint. Discover our foam packaging portfolio.

Our customized foam packaging is generally used in the logistics industry, for the protection of sensitive products during storage, shipping and transport. In terms of application, we distinguish between polyethylene foams (PE), polyurethane foams (PU), styrofoam and a further product group, particle foam. Depending on customer requirements and packaging applications, we use these foam types in various shapes and sizes, including block shapes, cushions, trays, inlays, and more. Everything specifically developed to suit your application.

Advantages of Foam Packaging

1. Synthetic foam packaging is extremely dimensionally stable and can therefore be used for a wide variety of products, including electrical equipment, electronic components (ESD protection or antistatic), presentation packaging and many types of consumer packaging.  

2. Due to the high dampening capacity, our foam packaging provides excellent protection from shocks and vibrations during transport. In addition, due to its good processability, foam can optimally secure complex products and protect it from scratches and impacts.  

3. Another advantage of foam packaging is that it is lightweight, strong and durable. Therefore, it can withstand multiple uses without losing shape or performance. These packaging solutions are also easy to process and customize to perfectly protect the product.  

4. In addition, foam packaging can be reused, making it a sustainable option for shipping.  

To summarize, foam packaging offers an effective option for transporting sensitive products safely and protecting them efficiently. It also offers a high sustainability rate due to its durability. Foam packaging is definitely a valuable addition to other packaging solutions.

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