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Using recycled or highly durable materials to make plastic packaging with a high life and re-usability cycle, shrinks the environmental footprint for these products. Discover our portfolio of plastic containers.

Plastic packaging is omnipresent in our modern society. Whether it's food, cosmetics, electronics, or household products, nearly every item we consume is covered in some form of plastic. These packages offer many advantages over other packaging materials, such as product protection and storage, durability, hygiene, strength and cost efficiency. 

Advantages of plastic packaging: 
- Protection and storage of products 
- Durability and reusability 
- Light weight and portable 
- Rigid, flexible or elastic 
- Thermal and electrical insulating 
- Predestined for conveyor technology 
- Cost-efficient compared to other packaging materials

Areas of Application of Plastic Packaging

Plastic packaging is used in a variety of applications to protect, transport and present products. Here are some of the most common uses:

Transport packaging: Plastic packaging such as trays, twin wall sheets, dividers, pallets, containers and stretch foils are used to transport products in order to protect them from damage. 
Packaging for consumer products: Plastic packaging is also used for consumer products such as cosmetics, medicines and electronic devices. 
Food packaging: Plastic packaging such as foils, bags and trays are often used for food to protect it from light, air and moisture as well as to ensure longer shelf life. Among other things, also for packaging agricultural products such as fruits and vegetables to protect them from damage and other harming influences. 

Overall, plastic packaging offers many benefits such as protection, durability and ease of use, but it is important to use it responsibly to avoid negative impacts on the environment.

Recycling of Plastic Packaging

Overall, plastic packaging is an important part of our daily lives. However, for us as a packaging provider, it is also important to consider their impact on the environment and take appropriate actions to minimize it. By using sustainable alternatives, reducing unnecessary packaging and recycling plastics, we can contribute to improving our environment. Because plastic packaging made from recycled or particularly durable materials that can be reused help to keep the carbon footprint low, even for plastic.

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