DE-PACK designs Twin-Wall Sheet Packaging Solutions, tailored to your packaging requirements.

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Transport Packaging - Light and Sturdy

DE-PACK offers safe and space optimized twin-wall sheet transport packaging. The shockproof twin-wall sheets (made of polypropylene) offer, in addition to the convenient material processing, excellent strength in relation to weight.

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Areas of Application

If transport and storage packaging is required in the automotive industry, our load carriers made of twin-wall sheets are the perfect solution. Typical components such as turned parts and precision parts can be safely stored in them. Folding boxes made of twin-wall sheets for the automotive industry are available in various designs. Among other things, they are also reliable transport packaging solutions for spare parts. Our twin-wall sheets or intermediate layers provide automotive industry companies with greater efficiency and transport safety. These help to prevent car parts, such as chrome parts, from suffering scratches or other damages.

Our workpiece carriers made of twin-wall sheets meet the strict safety and hygiene guidelines of the medical industry down to the last detail. They are designed in such a way that they can hold products like surgical instruments and syringes in place but still allow easy removal. We recommend our twin-wall sheet trays to the medical industry. Due to their stability and easy cleaning properties, they are perfect storage and transport containers for endoscopes and other medical devices. Plastic boxes by DE-PACK made of twin-wall sheets meet the transport and storage requirements of sensitive equipment from different industries.

With our twin-wall sheet transport packaging, we support the electronics industry in handling processes and logistics. With these packaging solutions, electronic components can be safely transported.

For measurement technology, we offer equipment packaging of the highest quality. The protective storage and transport packaging solutions made of polypropylene twin-wall sheets are individually customized to products like control units, encoders and many more. Reusable twin-wall sheet packaging proves to be very useful for the long run. Companies in the mechanical engineering sector transport and store their stamped or pressed parts in them, just to name a few.

Companies in the mechanical engineering sector ound off the protection for their products by using our twin-wall sheet inlays or dividers for cases and containers. Spare parts, for example, can be held firmly in place between other packaging accessories.

If customized solutions are desired, you have come to the right place. Control technology, for example, appreciates our precision-fit twin-wall sheet packaging for pushbuttons and digital controllers.

We are very familiar with the planning of twin-wall sheet packaging solutions for the drive technology sector. We adapt the special containers precisely to transported goods such as drives and gearboxes.

Our disposable PP packaging is frequently used by the engine technology industry. For engines and pumps, for example, these are often the appropriate packaging solution.

Twin-Wall Sheet Product Types

  • Load Carriers
  • Work Piece Carriers
  • Trays
  • Folding Boxes
  • Plastic Boxes
  • Transport Packaging
  • Device Packaging
  • Blanks or Intermediate Layers
  • Inlays for Cases or Containers
  • Customized Solutions
  • Special Containers
  • Disposable Packaging
  • Reusable Packaging

Manufacturing Processes

  • Die Cutting
  • Thermal Cutting
  • Welding
  • Cutting
  • Plottering
  • Water Jet Cutting

Special Twin-Wall Sheet Properties

  • Antistatic Protection
  • ESD Protection
  • VCI Protection

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Produkt Specs
Product Twin-Wall Sheet Packaging
Type Produkt-Gruppe
Parent ProductGroup Plastic Packaging
Packaging-Type Load carrier, Workpiece carrier, Cut
Packaging Property
Alternative Names Hohlkammerplatten
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