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DE-PACK is one of the leading suppliers of innovative packaging for a wide range of industries in Germany and throughout Europe. DE-PACK has won many awards for innovative, economical and ecological packaging. The DE-PACK brand stands for: Quality and Reliability made in Germany.

Innovative Packaging and Packaging Material

The safe and efficient transport of goods is part of the daily business of every manufacturing company. Along with other logistical considerations, the movement of goods requires above all Packaging.

Choosing the right packaging for your products helps determine the financial success of your business. Logistics and packaging are important factors in your price calculation. Because without packaging and distribution there are no buyers for your products.

DE-PACK has a wide range of packaging solutions for almost all industries. Our packaging is always precisely tailored to the needs of your productss so that they arrive safely at their destination. Based on many years of experience with packaging and modern testing laboratories, DE-PACK determines the optimum balance between safety, robustness, mass and weight for a cost-minimized transport solution.

Size, weight, stackabilty, are among the properties that play a major role in product shipping via rail, container, or truck.

Award Winning Packaging

DE-PACK has received numerous Certifications and Awards for packaging design and customized packaging solutions.

Wide Range of Packaging Possibilities

DE-PACK offers a wide range of standard packaging along with the ability to provide individually customized packaging.

The Right Packaging for Your Project

We can develop the optimal packaging to transport or store your product. With over 40 years of experience, supported by the latest computer technology, we develop models, drop tests and scenarios to test your packaging even before it is created.

Environmental Awareness is a Must

Efficient packaging is no longer enough today. On the one hand, consumers are exerting more and more pressure on companies to use environmentally friendly packaging; on the other hand, the use of environmentally friendly packaging also pays off for manufacturers.

DE-PACK exclusively offers one of the most environmentally friendly packaging solutions ever: reinpapier. With reinpapier you can achieve real sustainability for your company and your customers.