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FORMPAPIER® – Moulded Paper Pulp Parts of Highest Quality

3D paper compression moulding – shorten shipping time, increase flexibility!

Our 3D paper compression moulded FORMPAPIER® packagings are innovative and high quality solutions made out of a sustainable material: cellulose fibers. These are obtained from wood, recycled paper or other renewable materials and processed into a mouldable material suitable for the packaging production.

This type of packaging, also known as moulded pulp, has many advantages. On the one hand, they are more sustainable than conventional packaging because they are biodegradable and recyclable. On the other hand, they offer high stability and resistance, making them suitable for heavy products. In addition, the material is also visually appealing and can be easily printed or labeled. FORMPAPIER® is versatile and suitable for various applications, such as food packaging, cosmetic packaging, or for shipping a wide range of multimedia products. The mouldability of the material allows the packaging to be customized, offering great flexibility for different product requirements.    
Another advantage of moulded pulp is that it is also suitable for use in humid environments. The material is water repellent and therefore provides additional protection for the products it contains.

Protect your Product, Protect the Environment!

All in all, moulded pulp offers a sustainable, stable and flexible packaging solution for a wide range of applications. They are a sustainable alternative to conventional packaging materials and offer high functionality as well as aesthetic design options. Moulded pulp offers other advantages over conventional packaging. For example, they are efficient in production and require less raw material than comparable packaging made of plastic or aluminum. This makes them not only more environmentally friendly, but also more cost efficient. In addition, our FORMPAPIER® also offers excellent insulating performance, making it particularly suitable for transporting temperature sensitive products such as food or medicines. Their ability to retain heat and cold can help keep products at the right temperature during transport.

Another advantage of moulded pulp is its high resistance to fracture and impact. The structure of the material is designed to be tough enough to effectively protect the products it holds from damage or contamination during transportation or storage. This makes them an ideal solution for sensitive or valuable products.  
In addition to all these advantages, moulded pulp is also aesthetically pleasing and can be produced in a variety of colors and shapes. Therefore, this type of packaging is ideal for brands that want sustainable packaging solutions while still maintaining their branding and identity. In summary, moulded pulp offers a sustainable, stable, flexible and aesthetically pleasing packaging solution for a variety of applications. This is ideal for companies that are committed to protecting the environment while requiring a high quality packaging solution.

Out of the Cycle. Into the Cycle.

One of the most important benefits our energy efficient FORMPAPIER® offers is its recyclability. Since they are made from cellulose fibers, they can be easily returned to the recycling loop after use. This helps to protect the environment by reducing the need for raw materials and the amount of waste.

In addition, moulded pulp can also play an important role in the recycling economy. This means that they can not only be recycled, but also serve as a source of raw materials for new products. Recycling moulded pulp can thereby create a closed loop that helps to preserve resources.

Another aspect of recycling moulded pulp is that it reduces the carbon footprint. Reusing materials reduces the need for raw materials, which reduces the energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions generated by the production of new packaging.

In summary, moulded pulp offers a sustainable and recyclable packaging solution that helps to protect the environment and save resources. Recycling moulded pulp can create a closed loop that reduces the carbon footprint and helps to preserve resources.

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