DE-PACK designs Euro Container DE-BASIC, tailored to your packaging requirements.

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The DE-BASIC plastic containers are ideal for warehousing technology, as well as transport logistics. Choose from a wide range of types - closed with lid, open, with handles, with smooth walls or with a reinforced bottom. All DE-BASIC plastic boxes are dimensionally compatible to Euro pallets, industrial pallets or roll containers and can be stacked on top of each other without any problems.

The standardized robust plastic containers DE-BASIC, made of polypropylene (PP), are characterized by a continuous, water and air impermeable, smooth surface and can withstand even extreme temperatures.

Compatible with other Euro-size containers, the useful volume of the gray containers is optimized for industrial logistics processes in a versatile way. The fully recyclable and standardized containers save space, can be used multiple times and are ideally suited for stacking on pallets. Plastic containers are used in many industries where reusable packaging for small parts or sensitive products is required.

Plastic storage, transport and conveyor container system

With a comprehensive range of individual plastic containers in various sizes, designs and colors, DE-PACK can shine in the market. Coordinated accessories such as inserts and lids ensure that the Euro Containers can be used to transport or store products in a protected manner.

The high quality and stability of the containers ensure a long cycle of use, e.g. in large warehouses, and other positive properties such as: Cold and heat resistant, water and air impermeable or acid and alkali insensitive.

Furthermore, the boxes offer a lot of storage space in confined storage areas and are practical and flush stackable on Euro pallets. With smooth inner walls, our stacking containers are easy to clean and also suitable for hygienic requirements.

If the Euro Containers are to be provided with emblems, logos or lettering, large-area areas can be printed via screen printing, hot stamping or decorative printing.

If you need a pure storage or transport container, we recommend the type DE-BASIC.

Optimized transport and storage logistics with plastic containers

Plastic containers and packaging accessories from DE-PACK ensure the closed storage and safe transport of products from the automotive industry, mechanical engineering industry, electrical industry and many other industries. Simply make your choice from a variety of standardized plastic boxes from our product range.

Depending on the conditions of use, either storage containers or transport containers made of plastic are the right choice. The construction type of the plastic containers differs among themselves: for example, in stacking containers, space-saving containers, pallet containers, shelf containers as well as lockable boxes. Since all types of construction with their dimensions have been perfectly tailored to Euro pallets, logistics processes can be better planned for many industries (automotive, furniture, food) as well as other branches of the economy.

Our plastic containers are equipped with reinforced and individualized bottoms to further improve the handling with products. Plastic containers from DE-PACK are also suitable for the medical industry, as they are easy to clean and cover the strictest hygiene and safety requirements.

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With a reinforced base design and a circumferential stacking groove, our DE-BASIC container product line is impressive. Due to cleverly designed struts, the plastic Euroboxes are light and can hold a relatively high amount of weight while guaranteeing absolute functional safety. For example, the stacking of several containers is possible without any problems. Ergonomic handles ensure optimum handling and promote comfortable and safe operation. Adhesive surfaces for barcodes on the side walls are another feature of the containers.

Advantages and Features

Plastic containers are standard logistic containers which are perfectly suited for use in storage and transport technology. Our container system DE-BASIC is modularly adapted to the base areas 1200 x 800 cm and 1200 x 1000 cm. This means that it can be combined without any problems with other standardized products from the storage and transport industry.

Euro Container with Lids

DE-BASIC plastic containers with lids are ideal for industrial applications in storage technology and transport logistics. On request, we can supply the corresponding hinged and support lids to match the entire range of containers. Choose from a wide range of variants, with openwork handles, with smooth walls or with a reinforced base. All DE-BASIC plastic boxes are dimensionally matched to Euro pallets, industrial pallets or roller containers and can be stacked on top of each other without any problems.

Lid versions

The low-stiffening DE-BASIC support lids or hinged lids (mounted) made of polypropylene (PP) are compatible with the gray/silver-colored DE-BASIC Euro container series and are available with the appropriate dimensions.

The lids seal the plastic container dust-tight. Your goods are thus optimally protected against transport damage, but also against soiling. A great advantage is that the plastic containers can still be stacked even with an attached support/hinge lid.

Eurobehälter DE-BASIC
Produkt Specs
Product Euro Container DE-BASIC
Type Produkt-Gruppe
Parent ProductGroup Plastic Packaging
Packaging-Type Container, Lid
Packaging Property
Alternative Names Lager, Eurobox, Eurokiste, Transport, [PP] Polypropylen
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