DE-PACK designs Thermoformed Packaging Solutions, tailored to your packaging requirements.

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Customized Reusable Packaging Solutions

Thermoformed plastic packaging has become indispensable in different automation processes. Small parts can be inserted into the thermoformed trays by robot. This is very advantageous for space optimization in large series production. Thermoformed packaging can be made of different plastics - transparent or colored, depending on customer requirements.

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Area of Application

For the transportation between supplier and manufacturer plants, the automotive industry prefers to use our load carriers manufactured by the thermoforming process. The thermoformed packaging is customized to fit different products such as stamped parts and injection moulded parts. Companies in the automotive sector know that their parts are safely stored in our trays. Since thermoformed packaging are suited for automated processes and allow easy removal of the components, they simplify logistic operations. Technical parts reach their destination in perfect condition thanks to our thermoformed packaging solutions. Hoods and trims, for example, can be safely stored and are protected from scratches or other forms of damage during transport.

The requirements of the medical industry for the transport of medical instruments and devices are high. Our stable as well as hygienic thermoformed parts meet these requirements to the last detail.

Device packaging by DE-PACK for the electronics industry takes into account all requirements for the safe transport of electronic components. Due to their sturdy design, thermoformed plastic parts ensure the safe transport of products such as printed circuit boards and sensors. In the electronics industry, high quality disposable packaging is often the perfect fit. Thermoformed parts for the one-time transport of parts like relays and capacitors are available from us in different qualities. Reusable thermoformed plastic parts are a rewarding purchase for the electronics industry. Since the high quality transport and storage boxes for different products such as connectors and switches can be used many times and can save packaging costs.

Thermoformed packaging is considered an innovative solution for the measurement technology. Among other things, we offer workpiece carriers that are precisely adapted to rotary controllers and temperature sensors.

Inlays for cases and containers increase the effectiveness and safety for the transport of equipment for the control technology. Thermoformed plastic parts like these allow encoders and digital controllers, for example, to be packaged in a way that saves space and minimizes risks during transport.

Thermoformed plastic trays for low to high weight products represent another important part of our product range. These are suitable to pack spare parts for the automotive and electronics industry.

Thermoformed packaging is regularly used by the musical instrument industry. Since thermoformed inlays can hold instruments such as flutes and harmonicas in place, they offer the best protection during transport.

Customized solutions belong to our portfolio of special products. If customers from the drive technology sector ask us for packaging solutions for motors and gearboxes, we often recommend our sturdy thermoformed solutions.

Product Types

  • Load Carriers
  • Trays
  • Transport Packaging
  • Device Packaging
  • Workpiece Carriers
  • Inlays for Cases and Containers
  • Blister Packaging
  • Customized Solutions
  • Sheets and Intermediate Layers
  • Technical Parts
  • Disposable Packaging Solutions
  • Reusable Packaging Solutions

Manufacturing Methods for Thermoformed Parts

  • Thermoforming
  • Milling
  • Die Cutting
  • 3D Rapid Prototyping

Special Properties

  • Antistatic Protection
  • ESD Protection

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