DE-PACK designs KLTs Small Load Carrier, tailored to your packaging requirements.

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Standardized small load carriers (KLTs) are used in production lines or in the movement of products between automotiv manufacturers, the supplier industry and service providers. It is a uniform, mechanically and manually manageable plastic small load carrier system in accordance with VDA recommendations for cargo of various types. The poolable KLT system includes containers with a rigid composite bottom (R-KLT) or with a rigid smooth bottom (RL-KLT), etc. It promotes streamlining of transport, storage and handling technology through standardized design features.

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Small load carrier (KLT) VDA-R-KLT, VDA-RL-KLT, VDA-R-KLT ESD, VDA-RL-KLT ESD, VDA support cover, VDA cover plate (A1208) according to VDA recommendation 4500 and 4504.

Our stackable VDA small load carriers (KLT) are precisely designed for logistics processes in the automotive industry. With our VDA KLT containers, components of all kinds, transported between suppliers and automobile manufacturers, reach their destination in an orderly and protected manner.

DE-PACK small load carriers provide you with the packaging solutions that are precisely tailored to the versatile requirements of today's warehousing and transportation logistics systems.

KLT containers can be suitably supplemented for transport with customized foam inserts and lids so that serial components or sensitive goods reach their destination clean and perfectly protected.

Our small load carrier made of plastic (PP) is a product which has been adapted to fit Euro pallets with regard to its dimensions. The most common form of this basic series is the VDA KLT, which is mainly used in the automotive sector. It is used both by car manufacturers and by suppliers.

In terms of mechanical and manual operation, small load carriers from DE-Pack are true handling wonders. In addition, we can offer you a wide range of accessories for the containers, specially tailored to your needs.

If the KLTs are to be provided with a logo or lettering, large areas on the boxes can be printed, for example, via screen printing, hot stamping or decorative printing.

Effectively and Efficiently Applicable

We offer KLTs tailored to your requirements in accordance with the VDA standard (German Association of the Automotive Industry) to improve the logistics processes in your company.

The efficient DE-PACK storage/transport containers have plenty of storage space and can be stacked and collated both manually and mechanically. This allows you to achieve high time and cost savings during the production processes.

There are three KLT designs to choose from (in accordance with VDA recommendations 4500 and 4504)::

1. R-KLT: The rigid small load carrier with composite floor does not tip over and does not require any further securing. The main areas of application are, for example, in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering industry and electronics industry.

2. RL-KLT: A small load carrier with a smooth base that can only bear low to medium weights. The main area of application is, for example, in the automotive sector and in drive technology

3. ESD-KLT: A small load carrier made of electrically conductive plastic that protects parts and components in the electronics and entertainment electronics industry from electrostatic discharges. The core application of the small load carrier is in product transport between automotive suppliers and automotive manufacturers, but it can also be used in many other industries. In addition to our standard KLT solutions, we can also supply you with alternative plastic containers, depending on your requirements.

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VDA KLT Kleinladungsträger
Produkt Specs
Product KLT Small Load Carrier
Type Produkt-Gruppe
Parent ProductGroup Plastic Packaging
Packaging-Type Container, Lid
Packaging Property
Alternative Names KLT, Kleinladungsträger, VDA
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