DE-PACK designs Food safe cover for chocolate easter bunnies, tailored to your packaging requirements.

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This project shows how PET plastic sleeves can be replaced by environmentally friendly packaging trays. Several tons of plastic are saved in the process. The trays made of reinpapier® are produced by paper injection molding and are 100% food-safe, as are the colors used. After the chocolate has been distorted, the packaging halves can be disposed of in the waste paper garbage can without any problems.

Lebensmittelechte Hülle für Schokoladenosterhasen
Produkt Specs
Product Food safe cover for chocolate easter bunnies
Type Produkt
Parent ProductGroup reinpapier®
Sector Plastikfreie Verpackungen
Packaging-Type Contour judgements
Packaging Property eco product
Alternative Names Einwegverpackung, Papierspritzguss