DE-PACK designs PE / PU / PS Foam packagings, tailored to your packaging requirements.

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Best Possible Product Protection and Customizable

Foam packaging can be customized to fit your products. Foam has a high density and is therefore the ideal packaging material for parts that are sensitive to impact and scratches, as well as for precisely fitting different products as well as protective layers and much more.

We are experts in the field of customized foams - Feel free to contact us!

In terms of protection and handling of your products, we design and optimize your very special packaging solution, tailored to your requirements.

In addition to standard solutions, DE-PACK also offers customized foam packaging for products of all kinds, for optimal storage and transport protection. Our foam is processed by water jet cutting, die cutting, contour cutting and other methods to produce precisely fitting, optimized packaging solutions for your sensitive products and surfaces.

Foam packaging by DE-PACK ideally protects your products from shocks, friction, scratches and also from electrostatic charge on demand.

DE-PACK works with you to develop not only the perfect packaging, but also individual test procedures to test the solution under real conditions.

Many well-known manufacturers from the automotive, electronics and other industries have relied on DE-PACK's professional quality and service for many years when it comes to protecting their goods in logistics and storage processes.

The entire team of DE-PACK has been working in the packaging industry for many years and is unmatched in meeting the customer's needs, in terms of creativity, reliability and friendliness. DE-PACK foam packaging stands up to almost any requirement, that's what sets us apart.

Foam Product Types

  • Load Carriers
  • Workpiece Carriers
  • Trays
  • Transport Packaging
  • Device Packaging
  • Side Cushions
  • Inlays for Cases and Containers
  • Intermediate Layers and Pads
  • Customized Solutions
  • Self-Adhesive Solutions
  • Dimpled Foam Sliding Boxes
  • Moulded Parts
  • Die Cut Parts
  • Profiles
  • Disposable Packaging
  • Reusable Packaging

Manufacturing Processes

  • Water Jet Cutting
  • Die Cutting
  • Wire Cutting
  • Milling
  • Hot Wire Cutting
  • Cleaving
  • Drilling
  • Gluing
  • Assembly
  • Welding
  • Laminating
  • 3D Profile Cutting

Special Foam Properties

  • Antistatic Protection
  • ESD Protection

Contact DE-PACK now to optimize the costs for the optimal transport and storage of your products.

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Product PE / PU / PS Foam
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