DE-PACK designs Inlays for Calendars (Food Safe), tailored to your packaging requirements.

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Looking for plastic free food packaging? We are already packaging various products in the food industry with our brand reinpapier® - 100% plastic free! For example, these high quality calendar inlays for chocolate (see picture). All this in different shapes and sizes, formerly made of PET plastic, now customer friendly made of reinpapier®. The highlight of this special project is that the chocolate can be poured directly into the nests. Our raw materials have of course been tested (ISEGA) and can be used without hesitation for the most diverse projects of this kind.

Kalendereinlage (lebensmittelecht)
Produkt Specs
Product Inlay for Calendars (Food Safe)
Type Produkt
Parent ProductGroup reinpapier®
Packaging-Type Packaging inlays
Packaging Property eco product
Alternative Names Papierspritzguss, Tray