DE-PACK designs Workpiece Carriers made of FORMPAPIER®, tailored to your packaging requirements.

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FORMPAPIER® packaging solutions are great. They are suitable for many types of products because they are cost-efficient, environmentally friendly and very easy to recycle. We regularly use it to pack a wide variety of goods (from food to non-food). These include media products, furniture, cosmetics, devices, equipment and many more. Thanks to the good mouldability of the paper material, almost all product shapes can be adapted. The products are therefore safely protected against impact and vibration.

Werkstückträger aus FORMPAPIER®
Produkt Specs
Product Workpiece Carrier made of FORMPAPIER®
Type Produkt
Parent ProductGroup FORMPAPIER®
Packaging-Type Contour judgements, Workpiece carrier
Packaging Property eco product
Alternative Names Konstruktiv, Faserguss